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Fabrics and materials

Our bed-clothes are recommended for adults as well as for children, including babies and newborns.
Our products use three exterior fabrics:
•100% COTTON

Inside of all our products you will find the same fillings. Blankets are made from silanized hollow feathery fleece, pillows from a hollow fiber in a form little balls.
We also offer custom -made feather bedding.
All the materials used are of Czech or EU origin and comply with strict standards and hygienic requirements for children´s products. Additionally, they are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified for children under three years of age. This international certificate is only given to textiles made from materials that are proven to be free of harmful substances and skin-friendly.



Bedrolls and pillows are either manufactured to the needs of a customer or offered in three category lines:

This category offers two product types – made from mixed fabric (35% cotton, 65% polyester), or made from easily maintained fine micro-fibre (100% PES) – both at reasonable prices. This product line is well-known for a wide range of possible use - at home, at cottages or accommodation facilities.

COMFORT line products are made from quality cotton (100%). At reasonable prices these products bring comfort to your rest and are especially recommended for children.

The EXCLUSIVE line is based on products manufactured from high quality cotton (100%) that has been treated with the silver Active antibacterial technology. Fine silver particles provide protection from mites and other living organisms that cause allergies. This is our luxury line and is highly recommended for children or hypersensitive customers.
Every product is thoroughly checked for best quality.

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